Customized glass designs with frosting, texturing, coloring, carving and using bevels to give interesting concepts to your home, using the right kind of design to enhance the space around you to give you transparency, semi transparency for your partitions, windows, pooja room doors, mirrors, kitchen partitions dining tables …….

Acid texturing

Used to give textures in glass to give it a sense of design and partial transparency. Acid textures are limitless and only bound by our imagination. We are one of the very few companies that texture toughened glass.


The process of making opaque and giving simple designs. Good for giving privacy, border designs, and on signages. We use the acid washing the glass to prevent the frosted glass becoming stained, and giving it an even finish.


A way of removing glass in layers to give it wonderful 2D effect. Ideally floral and realistic designs with no color to it. Carving can be used in table tops, along with a combination of acid texturing, frosting and beveled pieces.


Brings in a sense of brightness and richness to the work of art.

Beveled pieces

Hand made cut glass with polished and stuck above the main art glass to give them patterns. Brings in a diamond like glittering effect when the light shines on the correct angle.

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