Designs by Glass Haven welcomes the challenge to meet your specialty glass requirements. We welcome all enquiries into custom glass design work, endeavoring to find solutions to the most unusual of problems large or small and create a method ensuring your requirements are met. Attention to detail, professional craftsmanship and customer satisfaction are the main factors Glass Haven prides itself on.

You are welcome to come and visit our showroom, where you can browse around the many examples of stained, beveled, etched, carved and mirrored glass we have on offer, with someone on hand to give you friendly advice and find out what would best suit your needs. We also have a whole scale solution to all your glass requirements when you are building your home from window glasses, table tops, and partitions to shower cubicles. We have over a 200 mirror designs for you to choose from and every theme that you can think of. We also take pride in saying that we are one of the few companies doing original stain glass.

Feel free to glance through our extensive portfolio of designs and projects as well as watch our glass art.

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